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Site Policy

1. About Copyright

The writing, images and other contents of ARMACUP JAPAN K.K. website (hereinafter called "this site") may not be reproduced without permission from us.

2. About Browser

This site is best viewed by these browsers.

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Other browsers than listed above are normally available, but some functions become restricted.

3. About JavaScript & Cookie

This site use JavaScript. If you disabled JavaScript in your browser, this site cannot work properly, or cannot be viewed properly.

This site do not use Cookie.

4. About CSS

This site use CSS(cascading style sheets). If you disabled CSS in your browser, this site is available but cannot be viewed properly.

5. About Plug-in software

This site do not use Flash.

This site provide PDF file as contents. You need Adobe Reader to browse it. If you don’t have, you can install from hear, and you can browse PDF file.

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